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At Hello Baby Hello Nurse, we know it takes a village.  We can help you along the way.

Customization of services is available


    ​Baby is coming!

You may have read books on how to prepare for your baby and you may have received lots of information from family and friends. From personal experience, it is different when you bring the baby home for the first time. It is exciting and beautiful. Meeting the needs of your newborn may seem overwhelming because you may not be familiar with newborns, but knowledge is power. Learning all about the basics will give you a head start on your beautiful journey. In this two hour class at your home, we will go over what to expect when they arrive, basic care of the newborn, feeding, bathing and sleeping. We will also talk about the supplies that you should have on hand at home, along with available resources. We are available to answer any questions that you may have. This class is full of information and ideal for those who are first time parents, grandparents or those who just need a refresher. This is a one hour class.



   Big Brothers and Sisters

They will be so excited to welcome their new sibling. Knowledge is power for them also! Teaching them what to expect and how they can help will be extremely helpful during this new transition. A neonatal nurse can do a home class ( preferably before the baby comes home) and go over basic baby care that they can possibly assist you with. This is a one hour class.



Baby is home!

Now that baby has come home, you will probably have a ton of questions. Don't worry. That is normal. There is something to say for "peace of mind" when you know you can have a person who specializes in neonatal nursing visit, support and answer your questions about the care of a newborn. Having your personal nurse visit and teach you in the comfort of your own home helps you to continue bonding with your little one without having to travel.  In this 2 hour home visit, we will talk with you about how you are adjusting to life with a new baby. We will also go over baby care, sleeping, feeding (breast feeding and formula-your preference), bathing, diapering and anything else you may have questions about. Having your personal nurse teach you in your home while you are working with your baby is a great way to learn and build your bond with your baby. This is two visits (2 different days- 2 hours each session) during the first two weeks of the baby's life. 



 Home from Neonatal Intensive Care


One of the greatest days is when a baby is discharged from the NICU. Along with feeling excited, you may be feeling a little apprehensive. NICU babies happen to be a specialty of ours. You may need some support transitioning home. If so, let us know. We are available to visit and guide you as you care for your newborn at home. This is two visits (2 different days- 2 hours each session) during the first two weeks that baby is home.

Can we talk?

Of course, we are available to answer questions even after your class and visits are completed. We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with the care of your newborn. 

If you prefer we visit more frequently than two visits, we are happy to do that. Additional visits can be scheduled, and can be customized according to your needs. 

 We are here for you!

Baby is Coming!        Baby is Home!        Home from NICU         Sibling Support
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