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Getting Ready for Baby

An In-Home Parenting Class to make sure you're set up for success from the start.

Baby's Here!

Two In-Home Visits that are two hours each to answer all of your questions, check on baby's health, check on mom and dad's mental health, and provide guidance to reduce stress during the first few weeks at home.

Baby's Here Deluxe

A visit the day you arrive home from the hospital (or the next day), and a pop-in visit each day for the next 5 days for 1 hour each, plus a meal for mom! I'll check on the baby's health, check on mom and dad, answer questions, and provide resources. You will be a baby pro after our time together!

Add On Services & Bundled Rates

Additional In-Home Visits, FaceTime Calls are available. We also offer a discount when you bundle the Getting Ready for Baby and Baby's Here In-home Visits.

Hello Baby Hello Nurse provides In-Home Visits to the Inland Empire and  Orange County. Travel outside of this area is available for an additional fee. Contact us for details and pricing.


In-Home Parenting Class

  one hour


If you aren't familiar with babies, you aren't alone. Everyone assumes that you will just know what to do when the baby arrives. Well, like anything, preparation is key.


During this one hour in-home session, we will go through everything you need to know to get started with your newborn, including:

  • Preparing your nursery

  • Feeding your baby

  • Sleeping 

  • Bathing

  • Supplies that are good to have on hand

  • How to keep your infant safe

  • And More!

Sure, you can read a book, but talking with someone who has been around ALOT of newborn babies, is so much better! Plus, you'll go into your childbirth feeling more confident about bringing your newborn home.


Getting Ready For Baby Package
Baby's Home Rates


Two In-home Visits

   two hours each

Plus One FaceTime visit


Bringing life into the world is just the best! If you are wondering, "how am I going to do this?",  my friend, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Wanting help or wanting to ask an experienced baby expert all of your questions is normal. Knowledge is power, and it gives each us reassurance and confidence, so go ahead and ask all of your questions and get answers that will help you and your baby. 

Together, in the comfort of your home, we will:

  • Give your baby a bath

  • Diaper your baby

  • Feed your baby

  • And answer all of your questions


Your in-home visit also includes an assessment of your baby and a discussion on feeding (breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or both). We will talk about how YOU'RE feeling, as well as little tricks you can use to decrease stress.


Visits occur once during the first week you're home, and once during the second week you're home. You can add on additional visits if you want. I know questions will come up later. Call me - you can do that. 

I work WITH your pediatrician, and, if you haven't chosen a pediatrician yet, I can help you with that. We can work closely with your pediatrician to make sure important information is communicated directly and quickly, making the continuity of care exactly how it should be.  

I am there to guide, support and teach you. Feeling confident will help your baby so much. Remember: Happy parents = Happy baby!


This is also a great service for grandparents who will be providing care to newborn.


6 In-Home Visits the first two weeks you're home

   one hour each


This package includes a visit the day after you arrive home with your newborn (to get you and baby settled and go over baby basics), and 5 pop in visits on the following days. A meal for mom (and dad!) at each visit can be included. 

Having daily, consistent visits will allow moms and dads to have assistance with the newborn each day. Each visit will help moms to feel more secure and confident with her newborn. Confidence helps to decrease anxiety and any uncertainty that moms and dads may have.


During the first few weeks at home, many moms feel alone. Home visits from a nurse have shown to reduce postpartum depression. Visits from Hello Baby Hello Nurse will not only provide education, health status check for baby, and reassurance, it will also be an opportunity for mom (and dad) to ask questions and talk through a concern with someone in person. We can also provide additional information, resources, and connections.

This is a great baby shower gift! 

Baby's Home Deluxe



Add On Additional In-Home Visits (1 hour each)..................... $75


Add On Additional FaceTime Visits (10 minutes each).............$25

Bundle the Getting Ready For Baby and Babys' Home............$375

(a $25 savings)


Bundle the Getting Ready for Baby and "Deluxe"....................$495

(a $30 savings) 



Additional Services & Bundles

Refer a Friend

Know someone who would love a visit? When a friend purchases "Baby's Home" you will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to use for additional In-Home Visits.

Do you have a NICU grad?

Learn more about our services for NICU babies and parents.

Have you been financially affected by Covid-19?

You may qualify for a complimentary home visit. Click here for more information.

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