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Hello Baby Hello Nurse, Doctor with baby, smiling, happy, cheerful, stethascope


Hello Baby Hello Nurse, founded by Tracy Simeon, provides several different services from a NICU nurse to help moms and dads with their newborn, including:

  1. Prenatal In-Home Visits to get set up for success

  2. In-Home Postpartum Visits that include health assessments and environmental checks

  3. Additional on Video Call or In-Home Visits for further guidance

I help expectant parents feel more confident as they care for their newborn, and I can be your eyes and ears in the home to help with any early intervention that might be needed. If I run into an issue that I'd like you to be aware of, I'll call you WITH the parent while I'm in their house

Want to learn more? Email me or call me anytime. I'm here for parents, newborns, and pediatricians.

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