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Hello Baby Hello Nurse, Mother and newborn laying on bed


Hello Baby Hello Nurse provides several different services to help moms and dads with their newborn. These services include:

  1. Prenatal In-Home Visits to get you set up for success

  2. In-Home Postpartum Visits for your newborn to answer questions and help you feel confident caring for your baby

  3. Additional Video Calls or In-Home Visits that you can add on as you have questions or would like further guidance.

We're here to help you feel confident and enjoy bonding with your new baby.

Want to learn more? Schedule a short video call with neonatal nurse, Tracy Simeon.


It's difficult to enjoy the big (and little) things when you are emotionally and physically exhausted and stressed. That's where in-home nurse visits can help. Postpartum visits from a registered nurse can help moms get answers to questions, check both baby and mama for physical and mental health, 

Learning from someone who has worked with hundreds of newborns (me!) has many benefits including:

  • Increased confidence

  • Reduced postpartum depression

  • More successful breastfeeding

  • Bonding



We provide experienced, compassionate and educated care for newborns, high-risk newborns, multiples, and their families during in the postpartum period. With over 20 years of experience working in the hospital setting, I have worked closely with a diverse array of families.  


I am an expert in newborn care. I can help you with newborn assessment, medication administration, common newborn issues, breast and/or bottle-feeding assistance, breast pump instruction, sibling support and so much more. Think of me as your guide for the first few weeks of your baby's life.


I will teach you all the basics of baby care and what to expect in the first year of baby's life, including offering lactation support for those moms who choose to breastfeed. I am dedicated to teaching, listening and supporting moms and dads as you learn about your new baby.  

Ready to get started?
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