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Bringing home a new baby can be very overwhelming, especially if this is your first baby. You have been discharged with this beautiful little human-being , but now what? 

Your very own personal neonatal nurse has extensive training and certifications in the specialty of neonatal nursing. She will provide In-home visits that include education about newborns, assessments from head to toe) tailored just for you and your baby (And daddy too!). We will go through baby care such as diapering, bathing, etc..., sleep positions, common issues, breast and/or bottle feeding, and every question that you may have about your baby. We are there to support and teach, hoping to decrease any anxiety that you might have. We will work along side you ( at your own pace), reassure you and offer guidance with daily routine baby cares as you learn all about baby in the early newborn weeks.


All in the privacy of your own home.

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About Me


After becoming a Registered Nurse in 1993, I focused on the health and development of newborns and children. My love for babies and children evolved into a 25 year career as a Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse in three of the leading Children's Hospitals in the country. My immense desire to learn more about all aspects of the child, led me to higher neonatal and pediatric positions such as ECMO (heart lung bypass) specialist, CVVH (dialysis) specialist, Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team member (Ground and Flight crew), mentor to nursing students, new nursing personnel, paramedic students, and educator at numerous conferences. 

Aside from learning about medical diagnoses, treatments, and nursing care of the newborn and child, I especially loved learning about the family connection. Working with, and educating parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family members became a love for me.  To effectively take care of the "whole" child, we must all work together as a team. 

Learning about your new baby is very exciting.  It is the best job you will ever have. As parents, when we feel confident in the care that we provide to our family, we are able to worry less and enjoy our family more.

I can help.


With You Every Step of the Way


Want to go over the basics of bringing your new baby home? We'll go over it all! This 1-2 hour class will cover what to expect when your newborn arrives (how often do they eat, how many hours they need to sleep, proper medication administration, and so much more! And, we'll talk about the "must haves" that should be in your home to make the transition easy when you bring home your new baby. At the conclusion of the class, you will have a very good idea of what life will be like when your baby arrives and all that your little one will need. You will even have your own resource book to access when you need it. 
This is also a great session for grandparents and those parents who would like a "refresher".



Custom class for the excited siblings. Bringing home a new baby can be a stressful time for siblings. Giving them "jobs" to help out with baby can help the transition. In this custom class, we will go over what to expect when the baby comes home. We will also go over basic tasks that they might be able to assist you with once the baby comes home. The end result is helping the big brothers and sisters to feel important in the transition. We can help!


Once you bring your baby home, what could possibly be better than to have a specialized neonatal nurse to go through the daily activities with you once your baby is home? These two sessions are 2 hours each during your first two week postpartum period. Going over bathing, feeding, diapering can ALL be done in your home WITH your infant. We'll do an assessment of your baby together so you can be reassured about your newborn, along with going over breastfeeding, bottle feeding (whatever is your preference) and SO much more like appropriate medication administration, and some common newborn issues. We will connect with your pediatrician and schedule important "well checks" for your baby. The home visits, of course,  do not take the place of your "well checks" with your pediatrician. We are there to provide encouragement, evidence-based education, support and answer your questions. The visits are to help you feel confident about the cares and daily activities of your new, precious little one.

This is also a great class for grandparents.




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