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Self-Care Ideas for Mamas in Quarantine

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Life happens in seasons, and each new season is accompanied by new emotions, new people, and new schedules. Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing seasons a person will ever experience because the world is seen through new eyes and will never look the same again. Time is no longer your own. Your needs can get lost in the shuffle. Communication between you and your partner changes. Things you didn’t think twice about before, like sleeping in and taking a long hot shower, are now considered a luxury.

Everything you’re feeling as a new mom is normal, and taking a moment to acknowledge your emotions is the first step in self-care. But what now? How do we, as mamas, take time to give to ourselves when we feel like all we do is give to others? Here are some ideas to help you decompress, destress, and detour your day if it started off on the wrong foot.

  • When you’re holding your baby, dive your nose into those sweet neck rolls and take a long, deep breath. Simply smelling your baby increases endorphins in your body and will elevate your mood.

  • When your baby is napping do some stretches to help lengthen your hamstrings and soften your lower back. Consider doing this instead of scrolling on social media.

  • When your partner or a family member is home with you, ask them to play with your baby so you can take 15 minutes to shower, tweeze your eyebrows, shave your legs, etc.

  • Set an alarm or reminder on your phone to eat and drink water. Lack of energy or brain power can be improved by putting something healthy in our bodies.

Sometimes all we need is a brief opportunity to reboot, and most of the time we simply forget to ask for help. During times like right now, when social distancing is hindering us from getting out of the house, don’t forget to reach out to your mama friends to stay connected too. As you find yourself adjusting to your new normal, know that even though you may feel isolated during this quarantine, you aren’t alone.

*Heidi is a blog contributor for Hello Baby Hello Nurse. You can also follow her on Instagram @heidimariegarrett

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